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OddLife: Daniel Robichaud's unfinished work

A Compendium of Things Strange and Peculiar

25 June
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I can only hope that the sum of my past will come out greater than its parts. I was born in East Detroit, moved around Michigan, then finally moved out of the mitten shaped state. From 2001-2009, I lived in central Massachusetts. Now, I'm in San Antonio, Texas. Along the way, I have made some friends, lost track of some, betrayed some, been betrayed, loved and lost and loved, again, gotten married, written stories some editors don't want to read but some do, painted pictures that end up in friends' closets, and managed to move four people to tears for good reasons.

I've got several dozen stories published (both under my own name and pseudonym), a handful of poems, and several science articles. By day, I work as an Igor For Hire, that is a LabView programming language consultant and a general research monkey. Evenings find me scribbling stories in a variety of genres, the occasional poem, and tackling several Longer Projects. Probably because she's equally busy, my wife (hntrpyanfar) tolerates me...
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