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Three nights of hard travel had cooled Dar’s rage.

39) Clan Daughter by Morgan Howell. (2007, Del Rey, 336 pages).
Book Two of the Queen of the Orcs trilogy makes for a nice diversion between Horror Reader books...
At the end of book one, poor military planning leaves swaths of dead soliders. Only protagonist Dar and a handful of orcs remain alive, and as this book opens, Day is leading her allies back to the mountains they call home. Essentially a fantasy road story, we follow the progress as Dar first reaches the orc homes, delves a little more into orcish politics (matriarchical society, with a kind of Iriquois meets samurai feel), and “volunteers” to rescue the Queen of the Orcs being help as a kind of gentle captive in the court of a sadistic human king... Along the way, Dar begins to explore the relatively new (and decidedly creepy) visions of the future she is having. Are these actual set-in-stone prophecies, or are they more Dead Zone like possibilities? With some rather intriguing asides (including, believe it or not, orc nookie), this second book is somehow less gritty than the first, and propels the drama quite nicely into what seems to be a much more political/character-driven finale...
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