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Love 'Im, Hate 'Im

Three words: Orson Scott Card.

Damn do I hate his politics, opinions and just about every nonfiction article (but not full book) I read of his. But I love his fiction... Strange how that happens. I suppose my relationship to him is like other folks to Harlan Ellison.


That's his home page, offers links to his nonfiction essays of opinion -- I agree with maybe 25% of his reviews. About 40% of his opinion essays (World Watch) drive me so bug-fuck pissed that it's a chore to finish them. Yet I read them anyway (even if just to mentally retort with my own opinions). Ah, Kafka would be proud:

"We should read the books that bite and sting us, for if the work does not, then why are we reading it?" -- Franz Kafka

He's got some great fiction ("The Originist", *Enders Game*, *Memory of Earth*), some lousy fiction (just about everything of his that Trista's read apparently falls into this category), and I dig his writer's guides (*Writing SF and Fantasy* and *Characters and Viewpoint*).

Man, does he piss me off!

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