dark_towhead (dark_towhead) wrote,

On a cloudless night in April an ancient gray Volkswagen drifted through the outskirts of a town...

...called Holy Hill, South Carolina, before pulling into the Sleepy Inn parking lot.

This first line comes from my latest read:

34) Bloodstone by Nate Kenyon. (2008, Leisure Books, 333 pages).
This Leisure mass market paperback reprint of a Bram Stoker finalist novel (originally published in hardcover by Five Star, 2006) follows a trio of characters in a small Maine town with a history of evil (are there any other sorts of small towns in Maine?). Riffs (quite heavily, alas) on Salem's Lot and a couple of other novels from that Maine writer. Of course, I'm talking about Rick Hautala. Okay, maybe Stephen King, too. A full review will be published soon... I'll let you know when. And where.

That's a teaser to one of a couple of To-Be-Revealed secret News Events going on in my life. I'll share all once details are settled.

In other news:
That story with the tight deadline is now complete and out the door. It ended up being a little longer than I'd originally conceived and the story itself is very different. Now, I'm back to work on my novels and other stuff (like that Scion thing for shadowravyn). Sleep when I'm dead.

Currently reading:
Serpent Girl by Ray Garton
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