dark_towhead (dark_towhead) wrote,

So, I Seem to Be a Rainbow Six Vegas junkie...

Been playing the single player version of Rainbow Six Vegas on the X-Box, and it's a ton of fun, particularly since I enjoy the team tactical aspect of it. Send the guys forward, move in, find cover, get ready to move again... A lot of fun. Sneaky parts perforated by violent outbursts against those naughty tangos (aka terrorists), getting caught up in the narrative, trying to perfect my abysmally poor tactics...

And there's a sequel in the works! Rainbow Six Vegas 2! According to Wikipedia, it's playing double duty as both a sequel AND a prequel? Hmmmmm....

And the new Splinter Cell: Conviction game looks mighty cool...

Am I turning into a Tom Clancy video game junkie? Could be, rabbit. Could be.

All hail Ubisoft for making cool games! :) And mega kudos to rdansky and lucien_soulban for stealing my free time by editing/writing a compelling adventure story that makes me grin like a damned fool and say, okay just one more time... Ah, Rainbow Six Vegas, you cruel, time stealer, you!
Tags: xbox 360
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