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Deadlands Session 5

GAMER ALERT! This entry is rated G for Gaming Content. Non Gamers will probably be bored...

So in order to keep ddrpolaris happy, I'm updating quite a bit today. Snippets and bits, here and there.

Last night, the Deep End Gamers played through session 5 of our Deadlands campaign, and the start of a whole new Deadlands adventure. This time around, we've got something of a mystery plot, and a metric ton of personal/character based subplots going on. As this is a campaign, I feel free to sprinkle foreshadowings and plot hooks like chocolate shavings on a sundae; I only hope the players don't become too boggled (or even worse, frustrated) by them... Some are relevant now, many will become relevant later (My Roleplaying Game Campaigns are similar, in that respect, to novels), and some will not become meaningful until the post campaign wrap-up party. I take perverse pleasure in those "Waitaminute, you mean we were WORKING FOR LOWFYR ALL ALONG? YOU BASTARD!" moments, which are often followed by punches, thrown chips or dice. All in good fun!

So, last night, one of the players could not attend. In other games, I might have cancelled the session. Nope, not this time around. Alternatively, I might have asked someone else to play his character. Again, not this time around. Instead, I had his character censured, beaten, arrested, and sentenced to hang for a crime he did not commit (aren't you glad you're reading this, ddrpolaris?). Clearing his name has become the current story's major drama. I was hoping to finish the story last night; alas, heat, wine, and my own blathering worked against me. We got a little over halfway through. I'm certainly looking forward to next week!

-- DRR2
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