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SF and Horror Poetry alert!

Just a quick note for my readers:

Have you heard of Scifaikuest? It's a small magazine dedicated to science fiction (and the occasional horror) poetry. Not merely poetry, it uses haiku (science fiction haiku = scifaiku, get it?), senryu. haibun, tanka and others. For those unfamiliar with these wild, exotic terms, they are forms of Japanese poetry. Haiku is probably the most well know, a trio of lines that often (but not always) has a 5/7/5 syllable scheme.

Well, Scifaikuest has two versions. One of them if free to read on the internet over at Sam's Dot Publishing:

The above link will take you to the e-zine's front cover. Click anywhere on that "cover image" and you'll be transported into the issue. Feel free to visit and peruse. You'll find some rather nice things.

Now, there is also a print edition (containing completely different material from the online version), the latest issue can be bought here:

It's $6, but it's a nice little magazine. The latest issue (#16) features a whole smattering of poetry, an article on "Rhyme in Haiku", and a pretty nice cover image inspired by one of the haiku inside. Fun stuff. It doesn't hurt that I've got two poems in this thing. You say I didn't mention that, already? Well, it's true -- one haiku, one haibun. So, why not give the magazine a try? You just might like what you find.
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