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Two New Stories Available!

Well, two anthologies featuring my stories are now available.

Florida Horror is out and features my 4600 word story "Weathering the Storm."
Here's the publisher's description of the anthology:
Welcome to a twisted Florida, where alligators, strange creatures, the Bermuda Triangle, hurricanes and gridlock all conspire in twelve tales of terror from the newest voices in horror! Stories by Jim Chaplin, Eric Diehl, Heather Lee Fleming, Gary Fry, Misty L. Gersley, John Hubbard, Belea T. Keeney, Ward Parker, Richard Pitaniello, Lon Prater, Daniel R. Robichaud, E.N. Wilson

Here's a teaser for my story: The hurricane is coming. All the families staying in Mouseland are being advised to stay indoors, but why is that elderly fellow in the room next door not following advice? Why is he watching the clouds so expectantly?

You can pick up a copy here:
or here:


Twisted Cats are loose in the world! The anthology is called Twisted Cat Tales, and includes my 1700 word piece "Puss' Fortune".
The publisher's description of the anthology is:
If the dog is man's best friend, then what is the cat?

Companion...nemesis...intruder...amusing pet. From the beginning of recorded history, the cat has been feared or adored, worshiped or despised within cultures all over the world.

Featuring an introduction by author Elizabeth Massie, Twisted Cat Tales contains 37 chilling and disturbing stories from horror to fantasy, dark humor, and science fiction. Some are told by observers, some by cats, and still others by the objects of the cats' attention--for good or evil.

Editor Esther Schrader spanned the globe gathering unique stories from Australia, Canada, India, Israel, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

From the flying felines in the opening story to the lonely lion in the final tale, these cats will get their claws into you.

Includes an introduction by Elizabeth Massie.

My story is a little bit of a blender piece, combining a fairy tale atmosphere with some eeerie science. It's my bizarro take on the old lady who leaves her fortune to her cat. You can get a copy here:
or here:

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