dark_towhead (dark_towhead) wrote,

Beginnings, fresh and putrid

January 06, 2004

This is the year. Yep. This is the year I get on track. This is the year I actually accomplish stuff, and not just sit around hoping to accomplish stuff.

You know what? I had a blog somewhere, and I had every intention of writing in it, keeping track of things, but wouldn't you know? It went the way of most of my intentions -- it sat silent and a great idea that I didn't know where to start.

So, I've decided why worry? Is this a novel requiring structure and form? Nope. Just jottings, really. Fragments are acceptible. Spelling errors are acceptable, ;), though not in abundence. :O

So, what's going on? Well, I'm sticking to a writing schedule -- not time wise, but word wise. Jan 1, I edited two tales and sent them out the door -- a van Helsing story I got a rejection slip for, and story about people trying to rise above their apartment pasts and hitting an unforseen stumbling block. Two stories that I'm proud of... The next day, was an off day (bad Dan, no treat), and since, I have written at least 1100 words a day.

The project I'm on right now is tentatively called the Calender Girl project... Basically, I got a calender last year, featuring pin up style paintings of "Women in Crime", and I decided to write a suspense or crime or horror story each month for the pin up of the month. I figured on maybe 5000 words a tale. Looks like January (titled 'Uno Dinero') is gonna pass that up on the first draft. No matter, the second draft will be pared down to essentials.

We shall see...

More later.
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