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Sometimes, You Have to Prove You're Worth a Damn. Sometimes That Means Killing A Lot of People

They don't come much finer than Sin City. I discovered this last night attending the film. An excellent, uber cynical, over the top, noir piece rendered lovingly from Frank Miller's graphic novels. What a blast! Four intertwining stories (I originally saw a bit of a fifth, in the form of the Graphic Novel Family Values but I was mistaken) about the down and outs of Basin City. Well worth my money, I want to see it, again.

Speaking of flicks to see again, I need to check out Takashi Miike's Lynchian ode Gozu, again. Watched it with me boyo Jon on Monday. Very strange, very twisted, and much of it is a Buddhist parable. Funny and creepy and delightful.

Saw the worst fantasy movie ever, this weekend. I'd been meaning to see Dungeons and Dragons for a loooong time, as I am a gamer at heart (sheesh, I still play and I enjoy it thank you very much). I've heard nothing but negative reviews of this flick, and I have to say, it was an odious piece of shit. However, it was also nearly enjoyable. Jeremy Irons knew exactly what kind of movie he was in. His overacting (and Marlon Wayans' hammy Steppin' Fetchit routine) was delightful. This movie fails on several levels, plot, characters, spectacle, sfx, etc. Don't bother watching this, if you're looking for the quintessential movie about gamers (that would have to be The Gamers). Don't watch this if you're looking for the quintessential fantasy movie (to hardcore gamers, I suppose this would be LOTR. I am not a hardcore gamer, alas. But I leave that for another post) go elsewhere. If you're looking for an unintentionally funny movie with a cute cast, you could do worse than this movie (not a lot, but you still could sink lower). It was better than Constantine.

So, tomorrow, I go to World Horror Con. Woot! I am uberfriggingGEEKED! But am I an uber-frigging-geek? Apparently not, I don't like Star Wars. Otherwise, I do have a Physics degree, and I spent much of my youth frustrated by failed efforts to get laid. I suppose that makes me a geek by proxy...

Well, "Dead Man's Eyes" and "Killer's Honor" are off to other markets, after both getting bounced back to me on the same day. Oh, joy. After reading the latter, I can see why it failed. Congrats to Kat, for winning a prize in the WPI SFS competition.

Sex and the City is not that great a show. I watched Disc 1 of Season 1. I have no burning desire to see any more. Do I have to turn in my bi-card?

Gamed with the WPI group over the weekend. The Mage game is really far behind, but I'm having fun with it anyway. The players absolutely surprised me with the course of events. I will be sad to see it end after the next session. I didn't even get to the world shaking sociopolitical events! Ah well. T, K and I also played in Darius' Ghostbusters one-shot. 'twas a hoot and a half.

So, tonight, I get to decide what books to take with me to get signed. As I have a huge-um collection of Ellison and Lansdale, this will be difficult. Oh, and I have to pack clothes. Can't forget those. Then I watch Lost and go to sleep, so I can wake up at 4:30AM and get the day going.
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