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I Love Wikipedia!

So, I had a great gaming experience, a decent one, and a helluvalot of writing.

Friday, my Hyborian Knitter and I played some of the Conan OGL game, and it went off spectacularly. The Saturday evening Mage Game was terribly short, and yet it felt a little better than last week's, in terms of story. Trista and I have been talking about doing a Legend of the Five Rings game, and it looks like it will become a reality (with Trista GMing!).

Well, I finished revising my Jigsaw Nation story, "Starving for Answers". Trista read it and commented that it was a tight story. I love the children's mnemonic devices I came up with that act as the History Lesson at the beginning of the tale. The mystery itself was a fun thing, but those goofy two line poems things just rang true for me.

Working like mad on my Clash of Steel 2: Assassins antho entry, which is quite fun (a little Robert Howard/Fritz Leiber-ishness against a Persian/Indian backdrop), as well as a Bleed My Heart Romantic submission for Nancy "The Cool Editor, Who Needs to Get Healthy" Jackson. The Bleed My Heart... story might not be done in time, and there is no way I want to send out a half baked story. So, tonight will determine its fate. Then, there is the Worcester Polytechnic Institute's Science Fiction Society contest on Wednesday, which I wouldn't ming entering (or mind entering either)... Sheesh. After that, I've got about two weeks before the Twenty Epics antho is due and then the Damned Nation and Panic anthos are a week or so after that. Somewhere in there the Final Draft Get Discovered contest Early Bird deadline comes due, too. Crom! Busy, busy, busy!

So, in the midst of all this writing mania, what will I do? Break a limb. Next week, Wednesday and Thursday, Trista and I are going to experiment with this hurtling down mountains at a rapid clip with two thin planks bound to our feet. Yep, we shall try out this skiing thing. We've never been, but we're going with some friends and getting a group discount. Should be highly entertaining.

So, we've booked both of our cons, this year. NECON in July and World Horror Con in April. Oh we'll have fun, fun, fun 'til the zombie takes our colons awaaaaaay...
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