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ENTP - "Inventor". Enthusiastic interest in everything and always sensitive to possibilities. Non-conformist and innovative. 3.2% of the total population.
Free Jung Personality Test (similar to Myers-Briggs)

I have to wonder... Does anyone believe this happy horseshit? Not I. These kinds of tests, I typically file away with the old IQ tests. Essentially, they only really tell you about someone in a very limited context -- specifically, the context of the test given. In the real world, they have no actual meaning.

Ah well.

So, many thank yous go out to Nancy Jackson, who chose my story "One Drop of Blood, One Year of Life" for her anthology Vintage Moon: Tales of Vampires and Werewolves. I really look forward to what other writers have come up with on this theme! Thank you, horrordiva, I hope you feel better, soon!
So, here's an interesting contest. Sort of a Long Drabble. Hell on Earth stories exactly 666 words long. Not one word less, not one word more. :)

So, last night I picked up The Grudge on DVD (and another copy of the original Juon, for mondo cheap, this one with a commentary track by Sam Raimi). I also picked up some of what Trista jokingly refers to as my Old Music -- Bob Seger and Tom Waits. Still, she wants the Seger to rip to her computer, I know it! (He's from Michigan, too, ya know.)

You know, when I was a kid (and kid here refers to me until I was twenty-one or so), all I really wanted was to get out of Michigan. I hated Detroit and its suburbs, I hated the whole mitten (that's the shape of the lower penninsula, you know. Anyone who comes from the Michigan's LP, when you ask them where they're from, can show you on their hand), I wanted nothing more than to get away. Now that I've made it (here I am in Massachusetts), I keep turning to artists who come from Michigan as My People. Bob Seger, Eminem, some of the Motown musicians, Michael Moore, Thomas Ligotti, Kathe Koja, Elmore Leonard, Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell. These are My People, because they came out of the same state as me? I don't know that I quite understand it, but that seems to be the way my mind works. I suppose this happens everywhere (check out Poppy Brite's fascination with John Kennedy Toole) but I find it strange nevertheless. If I ever get into the Big Time ("I'm on my way of making it..." thank you Peter Gabriel, who is not from Michigan), will someone ever say, "Hey, that Robichaud, he comes outta East Detroit, man! Wooo! East Detroit!" I don't think I'm that dweeby sounding, but you never know... Of course, this presupposes I'm actually going to hit popularity, which I'm not really aiming for. It might be nice though... You never know 'til you try. :)

Mondo thank yous go out to coyote_man, who had a read of one of my stories ("Hunter's Rite") and enjoyed it. As turnabout is fair play, let me direct your attention to The Harrow, where a tale y'all can enjoy (called "Fool's Fortune") is on display, by this same coyoteman, under the curious pseudonym of "Kristopher L. Lewis".
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