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Broken Angels

Wow, this takes me back...

Just located the link to my old screenplay for a Crow Sequel, "Broken Angels," from 1998. Amazingly, it was connected to a link that's actually on the David J. Schow website. (If you don't know who DJS is, shame on you! That's like not knowing who Fritz Leiber or Robert Bloch is, come on people!) Anyway, from DJS' homepage ( http://www.davidjschow.com/home.shtml ) there's a link to the Crowpunks (he was an honorary member, doncha know), and from there you can see my screenplay. In a weird six degrees of Kevin Bacon way, I can link myself to one of my favorite writers via the Internet. How cool is that?

It was the first screenplay I ever wrote, and it shows as much. A real labor of love, this... My Crowpunk chum (our take on the splatterpunk genre label of horror) Kelly "LadyCro" Weber put it up on the web...

I remember the outline for this script was huge, over a hundred pages. And that was the outline! The script itself was particularly enormous, too. I recall the first draft being almost three hours long (that is, close to 180 pages) until I trimmed it. As far as I know, it's still huge-em. I probably should not include the link here, as I'm trying to be all professional, but what the hey.

If Joe R. Lansdale ( http://www.joerlansdale.com/ ) can release his early work through the small press, I can link up to some of my old work, here. This was the first (and only thing) I've ever gotten fan mail from. People would stumble across it and drop me a line, made me feel like a real writer!

The formatting is a little wonky. All right, a lot wonky, but it was all about the love. Yep, you can tell it's mine. The only on camera sex is sodomy (man, did that bother some people). Ah well.

Broken Angels:
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