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Trips and Tips and Getting Lost

The television show Lost infuriates me. All these galdamn reruns! Next week is one. X-mas season had several weeks of them... Does this do the job of catching up folks? Oh, you betcha. But what does it do for those of us who've been along since the begining? A review column said this show is like reading a book (a novel for television, as King suggested about Kingdom Hospital) and that's true. But these continual reruns interspersing things make me feel like I'm being forced to reread chapters I've already successfully navigated. Now, if I want to revisit those chapters, great. I do not want to be forced! ARRRGH! The eps usually end with a cliffhanger of some sort, so now I gotta wait two weeks to find out what happens? ARRGH!

Man, my life is good if this is the extent of my complaints. I should just stop watching and wait for the DVDs, but I cannot. I am hooked. This is a show rich with the power of Story. I cannot sing its praises enough, except for all the galdamn reruns!


Last night I finished Dark Tower 7. What a lush, rich volume. I'm still not certain about my feelings to the very end, with what Roland finds at the topmost room of the Tower. However, this series is probably one of the best examples of how the quest can be utilized as a fictional device without succumbing to typical tropes. I look forward to reading it through, again, and revisiting all those chapters (most especially because I will not be FORCED TO DO SO! ARRRGH! Ahem.) in the lives of Roland, Eddie, Susannah, Jake and Oy.

So, after I closed the covers on that massive final volume, I was hit with a realization. Whatever I read next would be held in comparison to this work. Jeasly-Creazly. I actually pitied whatever book I picked up next. How could one book hope to compete with a 7+ volume (7 volumes directly and many, many other books tangentially) magnum opus? I needed space. So, instead of picking up the next book on my "to be read" stack, I've decided to space things out. I reread one of William Gibson's short fiction pieces, and will probably read something nonfiction/gaming. This way Larry Brown or Peter Straub or whomever I pick up next will get a fair shake.

If I still feel this way, I can always use one of Trista's books as a sacrificial lamb, since I don't like the stuff she reads anyway. Just kidding.


What is the allure of video games? Fine, fine, Trista and I have an X-box, which we play occasionally. However, vidgames seem to have affected all manner and mode of entertainment. Movies become very video gamish. Even fucking music.

I cannot take Linkin Park seriously, anymore. Not since I realized that the lyrics in the song "In The End" can be taken as being about a video game (I initially stumbled onto this interpretation while Trista was playing Tomb Raider 3 on our Playstation, incidentally).

I present this excerpt for your consideration:

"What it meant to me
will eventually
be a memory
of a time when
I tried so hard
And got so far
But in the end
It doesn’t even matter
I had to fall
To lose it all
But in the end
It doesn’t even matter"

From this song you can reinterpret the entire album Hybrid Theory. Sheesh.
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