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Contagion and Games Mastering

Well, I entered a flash fiction about The Sea at Kealan's Contagion contest. Feel free to visit the sight and let me know how terrible it is. While you're there, maybe you can enter, yourself.

Interesting that with lack of a second comma, that last comment becomes something akin to "go feck yourself". Unintentional, but amusing none the less.

Here's the link:


Well, the end of the Thursday night Buffy game is nigh... Hopefully it will be an exciting conclusion. There are no less than three major plot threads to resolve, I wonder if it will be accomplished this week.

Just as I was developing some free time, I decided to jumpstart a new game. This one has a proposed start up time for mid January with a new group of four players (which is the strain of my GMing limit). I am intimidated, I am concerned, but I'm sure it'll be a good experience.
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