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Strongly, superbly and powerfully excited!

So, one of my all time favorite horror films is playing at the Bijou cinema tonight, there is a horror festival in Worcester and it's a looooong weekend.

Yes boils and ghouls, a 35 mm print of John Carpenter's classic The Thing plays at the Bijou. Immediately following it is John Carpenter's Halloween. Bambino Jesu, what a wonderful time!

This weekend is the WAAF Rock and SHock weekend. A bunch of horror flick afficionados will be there (it seems like many of the people I was hankering to see at Horrorfind Weekend, down in Maryland). In Worcester. Schwing!


Movie people (Jeffry Combs! Kane Hodder! Ashley Lawrence! Sid Haig!) and a whole mess of folks from the HWA (Horror Writer's Association - Tom Monteleone, Jon Merz, Kurt Newton, and more!) will be there. Friday thru Sunday. Alas, Kat is going away Saturday and not returning til Monday, and Trista has ANT, where she is trying to sell knit products, on Sunday, which eats up most of her day, So I might go party at the Centrum all by my lonesome.

Ah, Columbus day weekend. Three days. Restful? Doubt it, now.

I can't wait to see The Thing tonight! Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!!!
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