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Considering Stories

One plan I have is to toss my hat back into the reviewing ring, again. I learned a lot while I was writing for Horror Reader, good and bad. I learned that producing content every day is not something I'm terribly interested in doing, but doing so on a looser (but regular) schedule keeps me motivated. I love reading books and sharing my thoughts about them. I want to do so again. When I worked for Dark Scribe Magazine and Cosmic Crime stories has been wonderful but the issues don't come around often enough...

Thus, I'll be posting a new review every other Wednesday. That's a schedule that will work with all my other writing plans, for now (starting a week from today). Every quarter, I intend to bundle these reviews up along with a brand new essay and build an eZine, which will be called Considering Stories Quarterly.

If you like what I'm doing, feel free to comment in those entries or share them. If you disagree and want my ideas to roast in the fires of your vitriol, also comment. If you want to support what I'm doing, then I encourage you to buy the collected issue. It won't be terribly expensive, around three bucks or so for about six reviews and a meaty critical essay. Also, they'll be available for as many eReaders as I can format for.

Genre fiction deserves a journal that will consider its material with a critical eye. Dead Reckonings was one of these magazines, as were/are Crypt of Cthulhu and Dark Scribe Magazine. However, their focus was rather narrow. As a reader, I enjoy more than only horror or mystery or fantasy or romance. Let's widen the approach, moving out to consider not genres in particular but stories in general.

I hope you will help me welcome the Considering Stories column and Considering Stories Quarterly.

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