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Active and Vital

Blasted Beatles music in the car on the way to school today. It was stuck in my head when I woke up, and now it's still in the old brainpan, just jumped in volume. Right now I've got "A Day in the Life," which have some incredibly depressing lyrics for a Beatles song, and is found on Sgt. Pepper's... Well, as I was trotting in feeling Lennon's cynicism mixed with McCartney's cheekiness, what do I behold? Why an activity booth.

Now the entry way to the school is large, the main room is two stories tall, and often filled with artwork displays -- some good, some not so -- and occasionally, there are long lunchtables erected where medical students, grad students, three-piece business types and others hawk ideas or try to get you to buy a cell phone or change your insurance coverage. Today found a simple table with the big white sign, "Do You Support Same Sex Marriage?"

Well, I do. MA's Supreme Court ruled in favor of Same Sex Marriages. Apparently, now there is a movement in MA to overrule this, or otherwise bamboozle the ruling. So, I signed petitions and a goofy little card to support the original ruling of preserving the original ruling on Same Sex Marriages. Love is one of the most difficult things to find in this sometimes terrible world. Who can honestly oppose anyone's finding it? Are there limits for love? Apparently there are, but why? Simple answer to this: arrogance.

Caught half of That Trump show last night -- The Apprentice. Bizarrely, I enjoy this show, though I have no taste for other reality shows. Too bad I missed episode two and the beginning 20 minutes last night. Ah well. In the commercials for the West Wing, I discovered that John Goodman was appearing on that political show. Now there is another actor for whom I am a massively enthusiastic fan -- John Goodman is fantastic. I was interested in seeing it, but the household has a distaste for That Show, so they flipped channels to the History Channel, to see who was on Barbarians Week. Well, it was a highly opinionated show about Saddam Hussein. Hmmm. Pretty sensationalistic, in my humble opinion. The experts cited facts, so I had no problem with them. The witnesses to torture (survivors) were quite chilling in their remembrances -- I had no problem with them, though I found myself correcting their English (too much exposure to Marco and Jun Pang -- respectively the Italian and Chinese fellows who have been in our lab). It was the frigging narrator dialog... A little too much over the top, and therefore destructive to their argument. Night and Fog was a powerful documentary, which presented images from concentration camps, and made similar points that were made last night -- about Hitler, not Saddam -- and was all the more powerful for the control of the dialog. Last night's show seemed a little too elementary school playground for me to take it seriously.

I'm almost through Tom Piccirilli's collection/novel *Pentacle* -- quite good. I can only wish I had a descriptive ability as honed as his. The subject matter is shotgunned occult -- a nameless Necromancer and his demonic familiar called Self travel the roads of America on several little stories, interacting with Santarea, voudoun, Hopi and Navaho Indian ritual, street level cults, demons and monsters and blackest magic. Excellently written, with fascinating characters and a level of detail that adds a wonderful layer of Reality to the stories. I was up 'til after midnight reading, blast it. So I am tired today.

Tonight we go to the flicks with Dhar and Dar. Sounds like a character you'd find in a Star Wars movie -- DharDar. We see the William H. Macy thrilla *The Cooler*. Macy is another great actor. Sheesh, I am all about great actors these days -- yesterday it was Christopher Lee, today it's John Goodman and William H. Macy. I should throw up some great actresses too. Geena Davis. Barbara Stanwyck. Michelle Pfeiffer. Lauren Bacall. Lucy Liu. Ingrid Bergman. Uma Thurman. Pam Grier. Angela Basset (sp?).

Julia Roberts is right out. As is Halle Berry. Yuck, neither of these actresses is very good at their craft. And yet they receive accolades! As Toshiro Mifune bellows, "Baka!"

Lisa Loeb is in a serial killer movie (I don't think she's a great actress -- I haven't seen her in much -- but I like her music and I think she's enormously cute). I found this out on the batch of trailers found on the Cabin Fever disc. Also, there are three terribly funny shorts on this disc, The Rotten Fruit, which have an enormously catchy theme song. "Rotten Fruit, We're the Rotten Fruit/The Most Popular Band in the Wooooorld..." Essentially a claymation/puppet show of a down and dirty band (ala Sex Pistols) coposed entirely of bad mouthed, violent fruit. Apples, bananna, pineapples and such. Quite humorous, their wacky adventures. And the Family Version of Cabin Fever was quite funny, too. Lasted all of a minute. Maybe two. Chickvision is funny, these digitally added fingers appear on the screen, trying to block out the gross moments.

More later.
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