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Three Bags Full

So, yesterday was a day well spent. I went through all me clothes and started chucking the too big stuff into bags for donation. Along the way, I discovered several tops, which still bore tags and original packaging. This stuff fits! Combined with the pants I ordered last week, I have a whole new Fall Wardrobe!

Saturday we went to Dharia's B-day party. I also worked on the latest revision of one of the first stories I penned in Massachusetts, a brief chiller called, "He Comes To Dine".

Today, one of Pete's old grad students came in to present lecture (he's now the head of the department at SUNY Stony Brook, and I got to chat with him a bit. Seems he's been scooped recently, on one of his lab's pet projects. His experience gives me a whole new way to tackle my story on the subject...

Friday we had Chinese. TV watching: Black Adder and Law and Order SVU season 1, disc 1. BA is funny. SVU is weak -- glad I didn't buy the thing! It is unintentionally funny in SVU that they do not use a normal speaking voice when saying the word... RAPE. It always comes out as a shocking RAPE word. Even when used to describe a testing apparatus, the RAPE kit. Sheesh.

Finished China Mieville's Perdido Street Station, one word review: incredible.

Started Charles deLint's Spirit in the Wires. So far, so good. A wee bit bizarre. The last three volumes of the Dark Tower series showed up on Friday. I'm up to my armpits in Dark Fantasy!
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