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ANOTHER hour of my life lost.

I'm a TV Watcher:

Well, the second ep of Medical Investigation was bad. Maybe not as bad as the first, it'd take a miracle to meet that level of awfulness. Yes, I watched ep 2. WHY? WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY???? Because I'm an idiot?

Six Feet Under season one disc one: excellent. Brilliant show.

Dead Like Me: season one, episode one. I would have cried if Trista hadn't cried first. Thank you for saving me the emotional breakdown, hun. At first I thought it would be a Wraith: The Oblivion riff, but it finally came into its own. Boy is it a sunny show for its subject matter.

The Shield Season Two ep one: just plain cool.


Gamed with Trista last night. Picked up the strands of the Tomb of Abyssthor game, originally started with Bob, Tater and Trista, then dropped to Trista and Tater, and now just Trista. Enjoyed ourselves immensely.

I'm wondering if I should have gone to Friday night gaming in the Wedge... Wondering what Adam's up to these days.

Looks like a Buffy: The Vampire Slayer game might be on this Thursday. I have a setting, I have adventure ideas. Undoubtedly, the time will all be spent making characters, but, whatever.


A week from this Friday, I will be going to Florida (with Trista and meeting up with my parents). Ivan's going to wreck my vacation, I just know it. Or else Ivan will MAKE my vacation...


I am now the proud owner of Paranoia XP, a revision of one of my fav games from the past. I can now write adventures and things for it, instead of general pieces (like the one I did for Signs and Portents, who still have not told me when it will appear... Nervous now.)


I bought Johnny Cash's last album, American 4, and gave it a listen. I don't think it's a work of genius, but it deserves a couple of listens. First response, interesting but not quite the level of genius I was expecting. Then again, I know most of the original versions of the songs he covers, and my enjoyment of those originals probably colors my response to the covers.


Sunday we went to Claytime, and I painted up a small pumpkin dish. I then started work on a big jack o lantern jar. I'm highy amused.


Today, strangely enough, I miss my parents.


Talked to Lori and Al this weekend. I can't say it was a good call. Al's been diagnosed with diabetes. Lori is depressed and obviously on medication (conversation was a little on the tricky side).

Trista and I have talked about going to see them for Thanksgiving.
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