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For Fans of Astronomy and . . . Justin Timberlake?

While I'm not quite a fan of JT, I do like the song "SexyBack". Mostly because I'm silly.

If you're unfamiliar with the song, here's a video:

Whether you like the song or not, today's shirtwoot is amazing. Change the lyrics, and my heart sings for joy, joy, joy!

Since I have no idea how long it'll stay up, let me

We’re bringing Pluto back
Them physicists don’t know how to act
I think it’s special you’re a dwarf planet
Next mission to you, promise I’ll man it
(Take me to the spaceship!)

Rock and ice
You get no sun so you’re just rock and ice
One-sixth the mass and third the Moon’s volume
You’re chillin’ out there with planet Neptune
(Take me to your leader!)

Kuiper Belt
(Go ‘head pronouncin’ it)
Rhymes with Viper Belt
(Why you announcin’ it?)
It’s your home
(Don’t be renouncin’ it)
You’re not alone
(Just fools denouncin’ it)

Get your plutoid on
(Go ‘head be proud of it)
Get your plutoid on
(Go ‘head be loud ‘bout it)
Get your plutoid on
(Go ‘head be proud of it)
Get your plutoid on

You leavin?
You leavin?
You leavin?

We’re bringing Pluto back
Astronomers, you watch cuz it’s a fact
Around the sun, revolve, don’t it do that?
No matter what you say it’s a planet
(Take it up with NASA!)

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