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Captain America meets . . . You've got to be kidding me.

This might be old to everyone else, but it's new to me.

In the News From The Weird file (subfolder: It's All In Bad Taste!), I've discovered that the recent Captain America XXX parody porno ups the ante posed by previous four-color full-frontal flicks by making an honest to crap political statement. (What ante, you might ask? Never mind. It's all about alliteration.)

Yes. Porn & politics. Think on that.

Not terribly long ago (but forever in adult entertainment actress years), Hustler posed the question "Who's Nailin' Palin?" as the basis for a series of adult films. Now, Captain America: The XXX Parody boldly answers that question.

So: Who's nailin' Pailn?

Would you believe: The everlovin' Red Skull?

Yes, that's right. In the pornographic parody picture, Palin is a construct conceived by Cap's Nazi nemesis to destabilize American politics and the American way of life. As it's porn: of course, the old crimson sourpuss gets a scene with his creation. Oh myyyyy.

Sure, my jaw has hit the floor, but this tickles me to no end.

In even further WEIRDNESS: the porn writer(s) actually did his/her/their Marvel Universe homework. Of all the possible villains, the movie includes Madame Hydra in the Red Skull's roster.

Wow. Just: Wow.
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