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Well, I fecked up.

I remembered the deadline for an anthology submission incorrectly. Apparently, the deadline is today. Yes. Today. Luckily the story is done, I just need to go through the damn thing with editing... I emailed the editors with a request for another day, buuut... I'm going to try and get the thing done by midnight tonight. No pressure.


I must write more. No more freetime for the Dan! So many cool anthos, magazines, ezines, and I'd love to be a part of them all... Too bad I can't.


Just realized I haven't been doing jack on my Haunted Inn novel proposal. This bodes not well.


This weekend is Gaming Weekend at WPI and I might ditch most of it to spend some quality time writing. Need to push this stuff out of my brain and onto the page. Need to push the stuff on the page into better shape.


Found out that Melonnie's birthday is Thursday. She wants to go to Route 99 for dinner. No sweat. That's after my deadline. :P
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