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Ohayo! Watashina Sluggish Tendency.

The weekend is done. This nine-to-five nonsense is for the birds.


Well, no filming this weekend, alas. Ach vell.

Friday, Trista and I went to see the new Exorcist movie. It suffers from the worst curse possible: it is eminently forgettable. Stellen Skarsgaard is a terrific actor and provides the films greatest asset, but his presence is overwhelmed by a lackluster script and lackluster direction. Some pictures were pretty, and some moments were creepy, but overall, it was a snoozer. I look forward to seeing Paul Schrader's version, when the dual DVD comes out.


Played Victorian Age Vampire yesterday afternoon. Better than the previous session! It has not reached its potential for coolness. It's getting there, though! We're all still getting used to things.

I fully understand the themes of this story, however, and have figured out some ways to better express them...

The Chronicle name is Ce Grand Trompeur, and this is the overall, whole shebang: the campaign, the series of books (if it were a written animal). It is divided up into smaller units of stories. The stories each have a beginning, middle, and end (as stories should) and are woven into a greater whole, which can only be appreciated after the last story is told. The trick for me is this: to provide continuity overall, to forward the Big Plot (which is still in the building phase, as yet), while dividing it up into bite sized story-snacks. So, not all plot threads are picked up in individual stories. First story was "A Game of Notes". This story is "The Last Cappadocian," and has a more complex structure than the first story's linear plot. Each story encapsulates a theme and mood, a series of events. Each also has the role of furthering the Chronicle.

The point of this RPG is not dice rolling, killthemonster and take its loot. The point of this RPG is to tell interactive stories. I do not determine the outcomes. We all do that. Kat and Trista and I all work together to see where it goes. I know a few things that will occur. I know many of the characters who will show up. I don't know them all. I also know some of the events surrounding the chronicle's resolution, but I don't know the result. If I did, it would be boring. Writing and gaming are two different animals, yet they share similarities.

The biggest flaw on my end of the gaming (as the Storyteller) is this: I have not provided a detailed setting. I can not see (in my mind's eye) 1875 Edinburgh. Perhaps this is because I do not have enough historical knowledge or knowledge of the Scot's city. I don't know; I just don't see it.


I did not exercise at all last week. Jogging is going to be exhausting misery this afternoon. I am not looking forward to it, but I need to do it regardless.


Friday, I plotted out my version of the Bob and Me Television show. Bob's acronym of HPTV is sticking (for HP Lovecraft, not Harry Potter). I'm waiting for his response as to the plot, if it's a go or a bust. It could be interesting, but I wonder if it's creepy enough...


Laws, is August nearly over, already?


I'm learning Japanese, I think I'm learning Japanese, I really think so.

And loving it.


Saw the first ten minutes of Hideo Nakata's Dark Water. Awesome! It creeped me out in broad daylight. I hope the rest of the flick is as good!
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