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Uzumaki: The Review

Uzumaki. Spiral into horror. Vortex. Really Bad Thing.

And not so good a movie, either.

Hmm. Where to begin? Well, let's start with the source material. Uzumaki is a Japanese manga, written and illustrated by Junji Ito. The horror begins with one family, and then spirals out to include a whole town. It's a horror piece, serialized over the course of several months through a couple of mangazines. Chilling, disturbing and containing of all the great things that make up a particularly excellent piece of horror fiction.

The movie. Takes many of these stories and purees them. Blends them. Pours the concoction onto the screen. The result? Well, in a word: huh? Plenty of stuff must have stuck to the glass walls of the blender.

Beginnings without resolution. Resolutions without beginnings. A through-line that doesn't really connect to anything.

This is a movie about the strange things that happen in a girl's town, and it succeeds in being just that. A catalog of nightmarish images (excellently rendered) and a series of strange things. However, the piece is lacking a lot in just about every traditional element of storytelling: character, plot, etc.

However, it is a nice thing to behold. Some of the images will remain with me. Watching the movie, I was lost in a strange and surreal landscape. The next day, the movie was much better, thus I feel the piece is better as a half remembered dream than a real experience.

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