May 16th, 2015

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  • Sat, 03:22: Vincent D'Onofrio's a delight as Wilson Fisk, but V. Curtis-Hall playing reporter Ben Urich is my fav as of Ep4! #LateToTheParty #Daredevil
  • Sat, 03:23: While the @hntrpyanfar is away, the #Daredevil will play! Long past time for me to catch up on the first season. #LateToTheParty
  • Sat, 03:42: Then again Ben Urich has always been one of my beloved characters. The reporter willing to pursue The Story. Shades of Ben Hecht, I'm sure.
  • Sat, 04:18: By the way. If you have the chance to sample Trista/@hntrpyanfar's Malbec (and you like wine)...DO IT. #noregrets #yum
  • Sat, 04:19: Tomorrow I see a Mad Max/Mad Max:Fury Road double feature at the Alamo Drafthouse. Hooray!
  • Sat, 05:49: Ok. Scott Glenn's Stick is quickly ascending my cool character list.... #Daredevil
  • Sat, 06:16: Karen: "I can take care of myself!" Foggy: "Lets discuss that away from the maniacs." Me in stitches. #Daredevil