December 8th, 2014

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Cat Clipping, Fleas?, Miyazaki 2 and Ridler! Day 8

So Trista has been dreading trimming Mamalade's claws, and I admit I have too. But the time has come (too soon, too soon) to face our fears and just do it. Of course, since Mamalade is no fool, she smelled something in the air. And ran away. Hid behind the old island (which is a strange wall decoration, in our new house), and bided her time. Of course, she eventually came out. I asked Trista to remain sitting on the couch, and I wandered over to give her some pettings and finally to snatch her up into a sausage position (belly up, back braced against my legs, paws up and claws poised to be trimmed). She did not fuss, she seemed stunned by the oddness. I kept talking to her, telling her everything was going to be okay, and she did not try to bite or scratch or anything. Afterward, she hid beneath the table, and we both gave her treats and kind words. It wasn't painful, just uncomfortable, and it went a lot smoother than anticipated. That cat has a lot of trust in me, and I hope I don't abuse it. :)

Poor Mamalade has fleas. We picked up a comb this weekend, and I have been trying my best to strip her of flea carcass bits as well as the few "active" fleas that remain on her. She seems much happier about this.

Tonight was part 2 of our Hayao Miyazaki film retrospective. The month of December has been dedicated to seeing one of Miyazaki's movies each week. This week's selection was Nausicaa of the Valley of the Winds, an apocalyptic science fantasy tale. Several generations after an unknown war has scortched the earth, a toxic forest is encroaching on the last lands of mankind. Nausicaa and her people (in the titular Valley of the Winds) live out of danger for the moment, but it is only a matter of time. Of course, this timeline is exacerbated by humanity's general awfulness, its proclivity for war and conquest. No matter the size of the stakes someone is going to make demands and refuse to take "No" for an answer. The movie is lovely to watch and the voice actors are top notch (including Patrick Stewart, Uma Thurman, and Frank Welker! Woot!), though the translated script is . . . . sorely lacking in terms of poetry. The dialogue is often banal, which is unfortunate, though the story is still rather moving. It hits a lot of Miyazaki motifs, including unlikely aircraft and the necessity of living WITH nature instead of trying to conquer it. A delightful experience, all told. Neither Trista nor I had seen this one, prior to this viewing. I am quite pleased. It fulfills an itch that Thomas Disch's similarly themed novel The Genocides left in me, and I am ultimately pleased despite my translation criticisms.

Over the weekend, I wrote a wee bit (two sessions on Saturday totaling about 500 words or so). On Sunday, I accepted a new challenge from Ridler! for story number two. He calls it his "Val Lewton Challenge," by which he's referencing the famed horror film producer responsible for Cat People and The Leopard Man as well as numerous other great black and white nightmare pictures. Ridler has proposed giving we challenge-accepters a name and a word count and letting us run from there. I took up this challenge and received the name "Harmony's Dismay" and 1500 words. Those two requirements will be fulfilled over the course of this week. But not today . . . Instead, I ended up writing 500 words on a separate story, today. And 1500 words on the sequel to In the Sin Society novel (my sequel to In the Sin Room). I'm in the final 12,000 word stretch on Sin Society. What I thought was resolved has only led to more complications. Yay! Of course, my brain is still intrigued by the next book and the book after that. If I could manage to find more time to write on these things, I MIGHT be able to keep up with my brain, lol. Of course, I don't expect that to happen.

One of the fun discoveries I have made is how the cats like to sit next to me on the couch when I am writing with my computer on my lap. They don't try to lay on the keyboard or anything, but they like to perch next to me. Once, I had Sappho on my left and Mamalade on my right, and since they rather dislike being in proximity to one another, this was nothing less than a miracle. :) The power of writing is a real thing!

Day's Counts
Fiction Wordage: 2000 (total this month: 10900)
Non-fiction Wordage: 0 (total this month: 0)
Blog Wordage: 800 (total this month: 2900)

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