December 6th, 2014

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The Babadook, Cat Scratch Fever, and Ridler! (Day 5)

I had dinner and a movie with Trista, tonight. The film was an indie shocker from Australia, a moody tale of terror called The Babadook. It was a tense exercise in suspense and chills that left me feeling pretty traumatized. A successful horror flick all around, made even cooler by the fact that it was written and directed by a woman (Jennifer Kent). It deals with a single mother and her troubled son, and their brush with the horrible first in the form of a terrifying children's book, The Babadook (brilliantly illustrated to look like something Edward Gorey might have done), which has come as a warning of sorts for the horror that has made its way into their lives. It's not for everyone (afterward, a fellow with a shaved head summed it up as "The stupidest movie I've ever seen.") but it certainly worked for me. My shoulders and muscles are still sore from the tension I was enduring. Thumbs up, but a hard movie to recommend to folks who might not like horrible horror movies. Don't get me wrong, it's well shot and well scripted (the actor playing the boy grated a bit in the beginning, but he came into his own as the story progressed), but the intensity is pretty startling.

My hand is hella sore, today. Got a trio of lovely scratches on my palm after trying to stop Mamalade from swatting Sappho last night. Deep and bloody things. And painful. Shows me for getting in between the two of them. The real surprise came this morning, when Mamalade was startled to discover Sappho atop a stool she was standing near. The two hissed and swatted at each other, but their paws went nowhere near their "targets." It was all bombast, a spectacle performed for show, for dominance, I suppose. I'm guessing that last night would have gone similarly. Ah, well. I don't regret getting between the two cats, I only regret the actual damage.

In other news, I finished my first story in the Ridler! Challenge. It's a first draft, and that means only that it has a beginning, middle and end. Likely it will require a bit of revision, but draft one is done. Eleven more stories to go! Woot!

Day's Counts
Fiction Wordage: 1000 (total this month: 7700)
Non-fiction Wordage: 0 (total this month: 0)
Blog Wordage: 400 (total this month: 2100)

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