December 2nd, 2014

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Wraith! Wraith! Wraith! (Ridler! Day Two)

Today brought a surprise—both pleasant and annoying. The latest Kickstarter effort to bring back old skool roleplaying games has dropped just in time for the holiday season when budgets are tightest. Whoever at Onyx Path (the inheritor to a hellovalot of White Wolf's gaming properties, particularly the World of Darkness) thought that was a good idea was either a sadist or a Scrooge. It would be utterly unforgivable if it weren't Wraith: The Oblivion's Twentieth Anniversary.

But it's Wraith, man! Wraith! The game where player characters die right off the bat and find themselves exploring a bleak afterlife, fighting for the things that matter (fetters) while waging a many fronted war against other wraiths, the power of Oblivion itself, as well as their own dark sides (Shadows). The game I was talking about over Thanksgiving, which a friend described as "So well written, but ultimately unplayable," which I agreed about (the first part) and disagreed with (the second). Wraith!

Wraith was the much-maligned game when I bought it. I played it relatively few times (one chronicle I GMed actually got aborted soon after beginning for being just too depressing). It was the first real failure for White Wolf's World of Darkness line, having never really finding a large enough audience to sustain it. Its conceits popped back up in a couple of forms (Orpheus, Geist), which received little support but were no less interesting, and now it's back. Imagine my surprise when, around an hour after the kickstarter began, the game was funded. It was making something like a thousand dollars a minute there for a while.

Hooray, says I! Viva morte!

On the writing front:
Today has been hellacious. Last night I was up far too late, so I've been gliding on about four hours of sleep. I took a light nap at lunchtime. And a deeper nap after dinner. End result? Not a lot of wakeful time. Luckily I managed to squeeze in some writing time. Fifteen minutes during my first break, ten minutes during a second break, twenty more when I got home, half an hour after my evening nap. It all adds up, though. 1100 more words on the short story. The main characters are in place. The mission is clear. The baddies are still a bit nebulous, but that's ok. They are present and felt but mostly unknowns in terms of details. I also scored some more words on the novel, building to a dreadfully embarrassing scene of public spectacle; I had been dreading writing that part because I like the character involved and don't want to see her suffer. But suffer she does because as author I am also a sadist. As I must be.

Time for bed!

Day's Counts
Fiction Wordage: 2200 (total this month: 4700)
Non-fiction Wordage: 0 (total this month: 0)
Blog Wordage: 450 (total this month: 850)

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