December 1st, 2014

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Giving it the College Try (Ridler! Challenge, Day 1)

No, I'm not shouting out Batman villains at random.

I've decided to join in with Jason Ridler's challenge to write twelve short stories in the next three months (that's about one story a week for those keeping track at home). I have a ton of short stories I would like to write but have not actually started working on for whatever reasons (mostly novel length reasons, actually), so I figured this would be a good way to get back into the short story groove. Will I make it? I will say I'm hopeful and leave it at that. :)

Today, I got a good start on a new C. C. Blake short (the first line is crude but as effective as a baseball bat to the nads, which is C. C. Blake's raison d'etre: "Patch was balls deep in an Italian filly's sweet spot and climbing toward climax when the bedroom door crashed open and trouble brought a double barreled shotgun to the love-in.") The main character is so not Chuck Cave. Is, in fact, such a chauvinist pig. The liberated member of civilized society inside my head hopes he gets the light of reason shoved in his face (or maybe gets set on fire), but we shall see.

I'm writing into the dark on this one (no outline, no idea where to start or where it will end up), and enjoying the ride. It's a far cry removed from the sequel to my vampire erotic romance novel In The Sin Room, which I have been working on (working title for the sequel: In The Sin Society). Sometimes it's fun to cut loose with a nasty little pulp fiction adventure yarn while my Kaysee Renee side is thinking about funny-sexy longer works. We'll see if I can pull off finishing the first draft of this short story by Sunday. I got about twice as far on the short as I had intended (900 words on a story I'm thinking of as "Rap Session" though the working title is "Hot Rocks"; I had intended to do 500 words today), and still managed to pull down 1600 words on the sequel.

And now, the cats are telling me it's long past time to go to bed. Trista is already asleep (she's smarter than I am). More soon.

Since author Dean Wesley Smith has inspired me to give this blogging thing a go (again), I might as well echo his stats record keeping as well:

Fiction Wordage: 2500 (total this month: 2500)
Non-fiction Wordage: 0 (total this month: 0)
Blog Wordage: 375 (total this month: 375)

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