September 24th, 2012

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Context 25 Schedule

I'll be attending Context 25 in Columbus, OH this weekend, and it looks like the programming committee is keeping me hopping. Here's a list of the panels I'm slated to be on (as well as a teaser, if one is available):

Killing the Undead - Fri 8pm

Have Horror Will Travel - Sat 7pm
Horror In Non-Contemporary and Exotic Settings

How Far Can You Go in Writing Before it's Porn? - Sat 8pm
What's the difference between steamy and sweaty?

Ghosts in the Attic - Sat 10pm
The ghost story is a staple of the horror genre, though they don't always happen in the attic.
Which are the best early ghost stories? How have they evolved in the past hundred or so years?
Who is writing them now? Why is the ghost story such a popular theme?

Children Characters in Fantasy and Horror - Sun 10am
We’ll discuss young protagonists, evil kids, and magical creatures seen thru the eyes of children. Do the characters even act like children?

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