April 21st, 2012

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Another Benefit from Ebooks

Author back lists need never die!

I consider myself fairly well read, but even I enjoy discovering authors I haven't been terribly familiar with or a known author's unknown works. Well, with ebooks I can check out fresh copies of those author's backlists. You mean Max Allen Collins had Quarry novels before he wrote them for Hard Case Crime? Neat! You mean Brian Garfield wrote more than Hopscotch and Death Wish? Cool! And how about this Seabury Quinn guy . . . I've heard the name but never actually read anything he wrote.

It's also fun to find works that the big publishers decided not to reprint or let go out of print. Sure, it's not a perfect system yet, but it's still a pleasant surprise to find T. M. Wright's Strange Seed in an affordable, readable edition (since last time I checked, it was available for a high priced limited edition or a used version). Or the plays Wilke Collins and Charles Dickens collaborated on. Or James Russel Lowell's Biglow Papers, which I haven't read since I was a sophomore or junior in college! Or Sax Rohmer's racially-unsettling but entertaining-never-the-less Fu Manchu novels! Or the softcore erotic novels Lawrence Block penned under pseudonym back when he was learning his craft!

I'm a bouncy, bouncy reader.