April 17th, 2012

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Seven Topics

This was given to me by hazliya. As life is mere anarchy without rules (not that mere anarchy is necessarily bad, though certainly not to everyone’s taste), here are some: if you care to give this a try, I’ll give you 7 topics to post about, though I'm pretty sure I’m late to this particular party and most of my f-list has already participated. If you want topics, I'll be happy to provide them.
My topics:
- Finding old boxes of photos when cleaning
- Hotel lobbies
- A different species of monster you'd love to see romanticized in the mainstream (as opposed to vampires)
- Your favorite picture of yourself
- Something you'd encourage to get tattooed on her butt (bonus points if it's something you'd get to match)
- Pince-nez glasses
- The numerous and heart-wrenching ways you miss my glorious presence. Feel free to wax poetic.

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