January 3rd, 2012

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Live and Let Undead: Not Your Run of the Mill Zombeh Storehs

Well, looks like my first publication of the year has gone live! And it's a shambling dead story. *sigh* Now, I'm kind of sick of zombehs. They're meandering everywhere and all too often they act in the same damned ways. This anthology strives for something different. The cover gives that much away:

Live and Let Undead has now hit amazon's virtual shelves, though I thought it wouldn't for a while. The nearly defunct Library of the Living Dead Press (a small press even among small presses) performed some nasty purges last year, cancelling a lot of its proposed anthologies, much to the grumbles of disappointed accepted authors (a couple pieces of my pseudonymous work now need to find new homes).

I was pretty pleased with the piece that made it into this book (a little thing called "Dead Head"), and I'm glad to see it entering the world. I haven't yet seen a copy (or my check), but both are winging their way to me, as I type this!

The premise of the book can be summed up as: The Zompocalypse Happened and it's ovah. Now what?

That's right. These stories consider a post-zombpocalyptic world, living in the aftermath. My own piece actually captures a world I've been considering for a while (one I tried to sell in other stories, which were completed before the idea had been allowed to finish gelling), and it's something I rather like. It's begins with a nasty offer--an addict offers to buy a man's proxy child (an undead proxy child, that is)--and ventures some grim places.

The piece blends a lot of themes and ideas, which motivate me: addiction, labor pacification, crime and personal apocalypse. In my story's world, the undead serve as the backbone for a new labor movement (the "black collar" workers) as well as psychological coping mechanisms for the damned souls who outlived their loved ones. It's not about the munch yer brains school of zombeh; it's decidedly askew.

It's a place I wouldn't mind revisiting in stories to come, if there's interest.

If you have a chance to check it out, drop me a line and let me know what you think.

Optional Reader Participation: Are you sick to death of zombehs too? Do you think there's life in them old walking corpses yet? Take a stand and let the world know!