January 1st, 2012

there!, Hello

Ready to Try This 2012 Thing

Even if I wasn't ready, I suppose I'd be stuck doing the 2012 Thing. Time waits for no Dan, after all.

2011 wasn't a bad year. In fact parts of it were downright enjoyable. Some of the best times yet. I hope for more double-plus-good stuff and less ungood instances. (Don't we all?)

This year I hope to live the New Self-Evident Truths: work smarter for steadier pay, travel less exhaustively and actually enjoy the time I have to breathe & be.

Mostly, I hope we don't relive the burglary, which plagued last year's last days. I felt like a cliche yesterday--not wanting to leave the house in case, during my absence, the burglars returned for everything they missed. Of course, I did leave. Had to. I won't be held prisoner by my fear. And I thank hntrpyanfar for putting up with me during this annoying process.

Today, I'm feeling a little closer to normal... Tomorrow, I suspect I'll be even better. But Tuesday is right out, making Wednesday a start over. :D

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