October 8th, 2011

there!, Hello

Goodbye, Slush Pile!

After a year in the slush-reading trenches, I've decided to move along. No more slush stories for me. Not for a long, long while. For the curious (and any betting pools), I made it through 1318 stories before deciding: you know what? I don't really have the time for this, any more. Still enjoy the magazine, but I'd rather write and submit my own material than read other people's work.

They are currently looking for slush readers, by the way . Be warned: when Neil says some of the stories will burn your eyes, he's not kidding. I carry mental and emotional scars from some of those stories. NOT THE GOOD KIND. However, I recommend the experience to any aspiring writer. Experiencing things from the editorial side is a serious learning experience.

Thank you Neil Clarke, for the great opportunity. Thanks also to Nayad A. Monroe for suggesting me in the first place. And a big round of applause to all the other CW slush readers--ya'll are doing one hell of a job.