October 3rd, 2011

there!, Hello

Мои твиты

  • Вс, 17:18: Today calls for a Dracula TUB ('til u bleed). Every Dracula movie I own, played consecutively. Why? Because it's October. & really, why not?
  • Вс, 17:26: Currently watching Lugisi's iconic portrayal in 1931's Dracula.
  • Вс, 17:27: Errr. Lugosi, that is...
  • Вс, 18:29: On to Dracula's Spanish version (1931), shot during the evenings after Lugosi went home. Same sets. Different cast/crew, script & wardrobe.
  • Вс, 18:41: "Soy Dracula..." Damn! The actor playing Conde Dracula (Carlos Villarias) has a creepy manic face & manner! I love it!
  • Вс, 20:16: After the visual feast that is Dracula's Spanish version, I'm on to Dracula's Daughter (1936)! "It's utterly mad!" "Mad? Or unbelievable?"
  • Вс, 21:26: From the moody & surprisingly sexy Dracula's Daughter, it's time to meet another of the vampire's unlikely offspring: Son of Dracula (1943).
  • Вс, 22:19: In addition to adding the Alucard element to the mythos, Son of Dracula has great lines such as: "Dracula has you marked for death!" LOL!
  • Вс, 22:48: Now on to 1944's House of Frankenstein, a Universal Monsters mashup with Boris Karloff as a murderous scientist & John Carradine as Dracula!
  • Вс, 22:48: Eyes are tender, but not yet bleeding.
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