June 4th, 2010

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there!, Hello

On 365 Days & Happiness

So today marks the first anniversary of hntrpyanfar and my moving to Texas. Has it really been 365 days? Yep, it has. Similar to the end of a calendar year, my head turns to wondering just what I've done while I've been here, and I have to say I've been rather productive. :)

Big Ticket Joyful Life Things:
1) Seven months after moving down, we bought a house. It's a lovely thing, and a surprise. It came with a nectarine tree and a lovely aloe plant, we painted one of the bedrooms an outrageous purple color. Not outrageous to us, though. I think it's absolutely gorgeous.
2) Trista started working at a job she loves. This is no mean feat.

On the Writing Front:
I started and completed two novels while I've been down here. Both of them are for my relatively new, romance writing pseudonym. The first (80,000 words) is YA Romantic suspense, the second (50,000 words) is very adult erotic romance (I dubbed it my yaoi novel, since it draws on elements of that mode of Japanese storytelling). Not to rest on my laurels, I pitched the yaoi novel to an editor, who requested to see the entire manuscript. I punched it into shape and, it's now being considered by ebook publisher Ravenous Romance.

I even pitched an interview to Cemetery Dance Magazine, and they said "Yes!" It's still sitting with them...

Including the two novels (but not revisions), I've written about 431,002 words since moving to Texas (spread out over about 44 different projects). I receive more personal rejections than form letters, and have nabbed eight fiction acceptances, 1 poetry acceptance, and five nonfiction acceptances over the last twelve months.

Other Good Stuff:
1) I've been to the Robert E. Howard museum (got my picture in the paper for going) and even stood in his room, soaking up the atmosphere.
2) I've visited my Aunt Debbie in Quemado/Eagle Pass (about three hours west of us), twice after going about fifteen years without seeing her apart from funerals.
3) I've been traveling. I attended the World Fantasy Convention, Mo*Con, NorWesCon, SanJapan, Chimaeracon. I've visited Wisconsin and Massachusetts, but not for conventions. I've seen the Winchester Mystery House in San Francisco, which was enormously enjoyable.
4) I started running the Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign for Call of Cthulhu, something I've been wanting to do for going on two decades.
5) I've met some wonderful people. Made some lovely friends, including April, Chris, Kitsune, Tony, Jennifer, JP, and Nate (none of whom have LJ).
6) I discovered I enjoy good Mexican food (yay, Taqueria Jalisco!), and
7) I found out to my delight that "winter" does not guarantee snow-suckage.
8) Exercise, diet, and sweat have allowed me to drop a few clothes sizes.
9) I've read about 90 books while I've been here (many from the wonderful San Antonio library system).
10) I learned how to program in Java, and am learning HTML.

The Bad:
1) I discovered I have hemorrhoids. Major suck, though also a major relief since it answered "Why do I have blood coming out of that part of me?" with a reason other than "Because your insides are going to start leaking out."
2) I discovered the evil that is cockroaches. I've nothing witty to say about these motherfuckers (but at least I'm not posting pictures of them).
3) I've freaked out about buying houses. Not quite hives quality freak outs, but close.
4) I've moved a majority of 5 tons of media on my own. No help.
5) I watched the Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign collapse due to real world issues amongst the players. Err. Player.
6) I learned Java in 14 days. 14 days of hell.

My feelings on Texas?
I actually dig southern Texas more than I can easily find words to describe. The corridor including San Antonio and Austin is magnificent. The people are genuinely friendly, the culture is beautiful, and apart from the dead of summer, the temperatures are delightful. I'm glad we came, and I'm glad to call this home.

Happy Texas anniversary to us!