May 26th, 2010

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On the Lambda Literary Awards

Thursday May, 27, 2010 (tomorrow as I type this) is the day for the Lambdas. This is the award for "the finest lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans literature available in the United States" (according to their website). This year, I'm rooting for one book in particular (Women of the Bite, an anthology of erotic, lesbian vampire stories edited by Cecelia Tan aka ceciliatan; it's a wonderful little book with stories by Cat Rambo and ten others{including, well, me}), but the site has something even more wonderful:

It has all the shortlisted books for all the categories.

The awards run the gamut of fiction, nonfiction, YA, sf/f/h, and more. Here's the chance to discover a whole slew of things that we might've otherwise missed from 2009.

So, friends. In honor of tomorrow's Lambdas, what are some quality GLBT literature that you might recommend? Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama?

I particularly enjoy W. H. Auden (but that seems a little obvious, after the lovely reading in Four Weddings and a Funeral), Tennessee Williams's plays are often wonderful, and Poppy Z. Brite's fiction has always been pretty extraordinary (believe it or not, Drawing Blood came along at the exact moment to help me understand and accept myself for who I am). Who do you recommend?