May 25th, 2010

there!, Hello


I watch very, very little television. :( Essentially, I view the TV as a thing for my DVD player and my game systems (which I don't play too often either ... Hmmm. I need to get away from work more often). I was a Lost fan for the first three seasons, and then my Deadlands campaign showed up, and I found better things to do. I've tried to catch up with the series via webisodes, but alas I don't have the patience.

Carnivale, Deadwood, Leverage, Burn Notice, Veronica Mars ... Those were shows I discovered on DVD and found myself to be "patient to be impatient" for them. That is, I could wait for seasons to end without watching individual eps, so when the DVDs came out I could splurge and watch them without weeks long interruptions.

And then Glee came into my life (thanks shadowravyn & ddrpolaris), and now I wait with baited breath for the next frickin' episode to see 1) what the music numbers will be and 2) how Sue Sylvester (the eeeevilest cheerleader coach in the WORLD) will steal the episode in as few as five lines.

As it turns out, a local theater (The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema; down here in San Antonio, just about everything is named after The Alamo or features an image of The Alamo, no surprise, since that monument is dead center downtown) shows Glee on their big screen while it's aired. Free of charge. One of these nights, I'm going to have to check it out. If only to see Jane Lynch's Sue Sylvester heee-UGE. :)

While visiting friends up in Madison, I discovered a few of the shows that have aired of late. How I Met Your Mother is cute, Doctor Who was baaaaad (Kitchen Aid colored Daleks? *sigh*), V did not really interest me, The United States of Terra seems intriguing, and Stargate: Universe looks like it could be fun. However, none of them has really hit me in the joygasm buzzer quite like Glee.

Anyway, I was wondering ... What are some of the good shows I've been missing? Talk to me, friends! Clue me in, so I can get back in touch ...
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