March 11th, 2010

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Tweet Attack! EEEEK!

  • 10:17 Likely not a tumor! Yay! #
  • 11:25 @mongralsmash: it's a San Antonio gaming convention... #
  • 11:28 With one efficient, rotating finger of discomfort, the good Dr. Romero pronounced my prostate healthy but discerned internal hemroids... #
  • 11:30 This after two hours of interviews from not-Dr. Josh (3rd year med student) and 2 batches of similar physical tests... #
  • 11:32 @elenuial: Definitely something to get checked. #
  • 17:32 I just got hit by an eight year old panhandler at the gas station. His technique needed work: "Hey!" he says, "You got any money?" #
  • 17:34 When I said no, but before I could ask why he wasn't concerned about Stranger Danger, the little blond says, "Can you write me a check?" #
  • 17:34 Then, he storms off with empty mitts. #
  • 17:37 @jasonmcintosh: Yes, it's too early to put that alone on business cards. Amidst other info, it'd be alright. #
  • 08:51 Sitting in the clinic waiting to get some blood work done... #
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