September 15th, 2009

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For A Chuckle: Mathematicians and Movies

Thanks hntrpyanfar for IMing me the link . . .

I found the punchline to the zombie bit to be the laugh aloud funniest part of this Boston Globe article from a coupla weeks ago.

Perhaps I was particularly tickled because, while I was a wee undergrad student working on my Physics B.Sc., I had seriously considered writing a textbook titled Splatter Physics. The Newtonian Physics sample problems were often outrageously violent, I'd thought, so why not ramp up the gore/humor factor?

For example: "Overconfident skier Sue finds she cannot properly turn. If she begins skiing down a thirty degree incline of dust on crust (effective friction = 1 milliNewton) at 5 meters per second, what is her velocity when she strikes the snow covered boulder thirty meters down the slope? If each 10 centimeters of snow provides 2 Newtons of retardant force, will Sue hit the boulder 1 meter inside?"
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