September 2nd, 2009

there!, Hello

"Surprise! You're Canadian!"

Well, we attended Context this year (and yes, I was at the party when it got shut down by hotel security; no I won't admit to anything) and that's a whole separate post on its own. I picked up the held mail this morning and found a pleasant surprise:

A copy of the local newspaper from Cross Plains, Texas shipped to us by Project Pride. Trista and I took a long road trip several weekends ago, to visit the Robert Howard House, and like a doof I haven't updated until now. But the newspaper kicked me in the butt to do so. Because we are in it. A picture of us, as well as some misleading info.

Robert E. Howard (for those not familiar with him) was a pulp fiction writer during the early 20th century. He tried his hand at just about every genre of pulp (from horror to fantasy to boxing to even a handful of mysteries), but is best known these days as the originator of Sword and Sorcery fiction and the creator of the enigmatic barbarian Conan the Cimmerian.

He lived and died in small town Texas, and his story is recounted in the delightful film The Whole Wide World where Howard is played by Vincent D'Onofrio. Well, fillums are one thing, and actually visiting a place is quite another.

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What's truly funny is: The paper only gets most of our facts right. Certainly not all. hntrpyanfar was born in Canada? I suppose that explains why she sounds so funny! I thought it was simply proper enunciation, but nope.

No one was more surprised to learn this than her.