July 29th, 2009

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I Remember This Collection Being . . . Different

49) Night Shift by Stephen King (Doubleday, 1978, 336 pages)
Finished this one a couple days ago, actually, as part of the "reading Stephen King aloud to hntrpyanfar" project. We're tackling the King in order of publication. I remember this collection being one gem of spooky short fiction after another, and yet this time through, I found myself far less interested. Oh, there are still a few beautifully told stories ("Last Rung on the Ladder" and "The Woman in the Room" come to mind; funny how these two have grown more meaningful since the last time I read them; has it really been almost 20 years? Oy.), but the others that were really affecting in the past (eg. "The Boogeyman")did nothing for me this time around. A few did less than nothing, actually; they kinda irritated the piss out of me.

Sometimes, it's best not to try to go home again.

Started reading The Stand aloud last night (the original 800+ page edition, not the updated to the 90s, uncut version). There are parts of this one that will linger with me forevah; and parts I continue to dislike ("The Hand of God," anyone?). Technically, I've read this twice already (cut and uncut versions), so a third time through (slowed down for audio, hee hee) should be no sweat.
there!, Hello

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

I keep dragging my feet about seeing the HP movies when they come out, but and the 1/2 Price Blood Prince turned out to be a nice entertainment. I had moments of Valdis-flashback, when Hermione was dealing with dense Ron, which made me a little teary eyed nostalgic. The visuals are pretty great, the story was compelling, and I did not hate the characters (while Alan Rickman's Snape still gets the good lines and sweat sinister-sexyness, Helena Bonham Carter gets to be crazy-hawt). Therefore, this film finds its way to the shortlist of Harry Potter movies I rather like (others being and the Prisoner of AzKazaam! [sic] & and the Order of the Phoenix).