July 18th, 2009

there!, Hello

"Have I failed my daughter? / Then let the father die! / And let the monster riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiise!"

Last night the Alamo Drafthouse cinema here in San Antonio was showing Repo: The Genetic Opera, accompanied by the San Antonio's Vanity and Vein Shadow Cast Players (locals in surprisingly faithful costume acting out the screen drama in real time, ala The Rocky Horror Picture Show).

Check out the Blind Mags dress versus the screen behind her:
Repo: Mag&Mag

We even managed to score tickets from a sold out box office (probably due to hntrpyanfar's hottie-tastic stylin').

Hottastic T

The movie has achieved cult status, and despite many people's reservations, I have a perverse love for it (I blame you shadowravyn and shogunhb). Casting choices were particularly delightful, including a woman acting in the Anthony Stewart Head Repo Man role (nice!). With some truly unique props (including a six foot tall "Operation: The Board Game" style stand up used during the "Thankless Job" song and evisceration) and plenty of audience participation (at every comic book back story part, someone announced "STORY TIIIIME!" and the entire audience read the words aloud. Chanted really. Kind of eerie awesome).
Repo: Thankless Job!
If I hadn't seen the movie before, I would have been annoyed by the audience's penchant for talking to the screen (including chanting "Jump, jump, jump!" when Shylo stands outside her bedroom window; I found this to be funny; other instances I found to be less endearing), but as I was previously exposed to the flick and soundtrack ("Shhhh. It's a secret."), I had an absolute blast!
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