July 10th, 2009

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Can a Movie Be Too Suspenseful?

If so, then that movie must be 1977's Sorcerer (directed by William Friedkin). Taking its inspiration from French novel/film The Wages of Fear, this film is a slowly building thriller following four men from different nationalities stuck for various reasons in a hellhole, working town in South America. Chance throws them a bone, however, in the form of the dangerous task of driving crates of oooold dynamite (the nitroglycerine has begun to sweat out, making any jostle or thump a dangerous proposition) 200 miles across the roughest roads imaginable. The first hour or so is a somewhat meandering, visual-heavy feast of character and situation establishment, and the last hour tackles the actual driving. That drive is a truly intense piece of cinema, and T was squirming throughout. This pieces combine to form a flawed, beautiful film.

Thank you haceldama and las for this recommendation. It's certainly the best Friedkin movie I've seen (better than The Exorcist, the New Twilight Zone ep version of "Nightcrawlers", or the lamentable, awful-except-for-Linda-Fiorentino Jade).

Now, I'll have to show T the original Wages of Fear (1957) to see which movie she likes better.
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there!, Hello

"You don't know us, Jesus, but we're taking your Second Coming ass down!"

In the mood for a movie that's ludicrous, hilarious, wonderfully off-beat, intensely creative, and fiercely independent? Then give Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter (2001) a try.

Yes, you read that title correctly.

Eminently quotable, punk beyond belief, and made super cheap, JCVH is a strange experience. Vampires are attacking the lesbians of Ottowa (Quoth JC: "Why lesbians? What harm have the daughters of Sappho ever done?"), and the beleaguered Church must fall back onto the one person who can stop them, Jesus Christ. What follows is a cavalcade of curious sidekicks [including a pistol packing, lycra jumpsuit wearing combat-nun (?) Mary Magnum and super tough luchadore El Santo] and adversaries [vampires who can mysteriously walk around in the daytime sun and a veritable clown car of violent atheists(the source of the Subject line quote)], as Jesus puts the smackdown on all that is baaaad. Along the way there are musical numbers, a curious sermon on the mount, and Jesus getting both a haircut and a set of "more urban" threads.




It's a no-budget Canadian diy production (and this shows), but it's a real treat. Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter is a strangely satisfying cure for the predominantly boring summer of uber-big budget snooze fests.
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