July 1st, 2009

there!, Hello

Obama, hntrpyanfar and I compare tattoos

Talk about your weird dreams. Obama decided to drop by my old neighborhood while T and I were visiting my folks. He was having a Travels with Charlie moment, trying to get in touch with the people of the nation. We talked tattoos and he showed his: something in Kiswahili on the inside of his upper left arm and Hawaiian "waveform" tattoos on his leg. Dream-Obama liked T's English ivy tattoo, but he felt my skulls-on-barbed-wire "Communicates a provocative message advocating violence, possibly even inciting it in menial minds".

Huh. From this, I conclude my dream brain/subconscious hates my tattoo.

Note to my dream brain: Thanks for telling me this 8+ years after I got the thing.