June 22nd, 2009

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Reflections on Texas: The Gaming Life

We actually live close to a gaming store/comic book shop, Dragon's Lair. Of course, the branch up in Austin has the kewl RPG designer signings and such (?), but San Antonio's shop is pretty swell. We've been visiting regularly: Monday nights are Dungeon Delve nights (Dungeons and Dragons 4E, of course) and the place hosts official RPGA 4E games too (more 4E, this time personalized characters set in the Living Forgotten Realms campaign world; I play a tough as nails Human Ranger, former slave/gladiator to the illithyds, essentially eeevil Lovecraftian Cthulhu people with hoopty mind powers and a penchant for diabolical nastiness).

We've met our fair number of pretty kewl people (our age as well as younguns; "You were born when?!? 1992?!?") as well as a handful of the worst living stereotypes of gamer culture (you're probably familiar with the socially inept, hygienically challenged type of goober who fits the "can't escape a parent's basement" type who make the rest of us look bad).

Well, I'm getting a wee bit weary of DnD 4E: The Combat Machine. Alas, with one shots (delves) and 4-5 hour games (the RPGA stuff), this is the easiest thing to put together for players. However, this is not all there is to RPing (in fact, combat is one of the things I am least interested in). Ah well. This motivates me to try and put together Something Else. If only I had more time for it. :)

Although . . . That said, I'm still keen on the April Fool's Day encounter of DnD characters vs. The Kool-Aid Man (OOOH, Yeah!), Jiggly Puff, and the deadly swarm of Smurfs. :)

Now THIS sounds fun beyond belief (More Gaming)

Ganked from Pelgrane Press' blog:


The Roleplaying Game Of Verbal Fireworks & Sudden Reversals
by Robin D. Laws
Join Your Friends For an Evening Of Scheming, Betrayal and Temptation

Need a break from five foot squares and attacks of opportunity? Looking for an alternative when half the group bails on your in-depth saga of super-serious emoting? Seek no further than Skulduggery, Pelgrane Press’ hilarious new roleplaying game of doing unto others because they’re sure as heck planning to do unto you.

Skulduggery streamlines the acclaimed core rules of the Dying Earth RPG, allowing you to play quick, uproarious games of treachery and oneupmanship in any setting. Fine-tuned for one-shot and impromptu sessions, it can be adjusted for longer-running series as players demand.

• The tongue is sharper than the sword. Skulduggery makes verbal persuasion as suspenseful and decisive as physical combat.
• There’s always another comeback. Don’t like the results when you roll a die? Skulduggery’s reversals-based resolution system lets you roll again—if you can afford to pay the price...
• Characters in minutes. The GM hands out stacks of cards. The players trade for a few minutes. Presto: instant characters, ready to play!
• Wit wins out. Strategic deployment of dialogue snippets recharges your supply of the points you need to succeed.
• Think you’ve got it all under control? Just when they think they’re ahead, characters must face their own worst enemies—the all-consuming temptations driving them to distraction and doom.

Skulduggery comes with all you need to create your own settings and adventure
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