June 19th, 2009

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My Reflections on Life in Texas (Part 2)

The morning after arrival, we stopped off at the Stratford (nice name!) to actually see the townhouse we were supposed to be renting. We had seen a different apartment while here, and decided to move on up to a larger place (to try and fit all our stuff). Well, we walked the place, and it had the lingering stink of cigarette smoke (something that bothers hntrpyanfar a lot more than it does me, since I grew up in a household of smokers). The walls had been painted, the place looked nice for a cursory glance. Kind of like the backseat of Jules and Vincent Vega's car after The Wolf had them mop up the blood and brains and lay out quilts and blankets. Alas, I was John Q. Law and poked through the cabinets, noting the tiny ugliness. A little in abundance is a lot. If our last apartment was The Deep End, this townhouse is The Dump End. It's a liveable dump, for sure. Not some place I want to stay terribly long at. Which is good, all told. Since we're wanting to move on up.

This townhouse is about the same size as the last apartment, though quite a bit of the space (about a third bedroom's worth) is actually taken up by bathrooms number 2 and 1/2. Thus, less storage space. We have effectively one bedroom, one stuffed to the gills storage room, a living room, dining area, and kitchen. With a total of five sinks. Swine flu be damned!

San Antonio itself is a nice spot. We have spent quite a bit of money while here, purchasing new mattress and box spring as well as a candy apple red, front loading washing machine. "Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go)" we call it, after the Garbage song. It's quiet while running, it does not use a lot of water, and it sings when its done with a load. I love this washing machine. Though not in the way that dare not speak its name.


Posting pics of a washing machine. I suppose this means I am now officially a weirdo. (Any weirdness before was apparently unofficial.)

The Cody Branch of the Public Library service (our closest library) is about a third of the size of the Worcester Public Library, and yet it has three times the better selection. Even has quite a few Subterranean Press copies in its modest sf section. Of the adult fiction side, the mystery section is the largest (nice!) seconded by the mainstream fiction (which includes "mainstream" mystery/thriller writers, go figure), and their interlibrary loan policy is pretty spiffy (a couple of reserves have actually arrived, my email tells me). It's nice to have a quality library around. And this one has a delightful sense of humor, with faux horror movie posters set in the library itself and kewl T-shirts. Compared the libre wasteland that was WPL, Cody is the Greatest Library Evar!

Been reading quite a bit while here. Writing too. We now have cable, and when the TV is on for something other than DVDs (seldomly, actually) it is on TCM. When the TV actually arrived on the 10th of June, the first movie I discovered playing was The Lady Eve. I take that to be a good sign! We might keep cable. Or we might not.