May 27th, 2009


"What are you people? Rock collectors?"

Yesterday was a lot more work than I originally planned . . .

For the San Antonio trip, we decided to spread our possessions between two moving units (special thanks go out to expoeticsoul who stopped by and helped us load the cargo van for trip #2). We would pack up the books and DVDs and comics and such and put them in Relocubes (essentially, these are boxes you can fill and then store or have the company move or have-the-company-move-AND-store) and let Real Movers come for the furniture. Pain in the butt splitting things, but it actually saved on the estimated $7000 cost to have Real Movers take everything, and we did not want to have to move everything ourselves.

Around 8:15-ish, after loading two cubes (not even to full 8' height capacity of its 6'x7'x8' dimensions), we had the ABF U-Pack people pull a forklift over to test the weight(it turns out each 'cube has a weight limit of 2500 pounds). I have never seen a forklift rock quite that hard. The rear wheels came off the ground. Oh, the front end of the cube lifted, but the back stayed happily on the concrete. This happened again, in the cube I considered the "heavier" of the two. "Between the two cubes," manager-guy Rich informed us, "you're looking at over 10,000 pounds." Way too heavy.

I admit, a Puckish part of me hoped to see the Relocube lift the forklift. Ah well.

What were our options? Get some more cubes, maybe. It was doompuppy who recommended skipping the cubes altogether and going straight for a trailer (using the same shipping people). A frantic phone call later, we arranged for a trailer.

We tell manager-guy Rich this at 8:30. "The trailer won't be ready for an hour," Rich informed us, "and we leave promptly at 11:00." Leaving us only an hour and a half to transfer our stuff. Instead of waiting until the next morning, we decided to give it a go that very night.

We had a dinner, some great conversation (that perhaps lasted a little too long), and then got back to the site. Time of return: approximately 9:50. The truck was waiting, and there was just enough light not to trip over ourselves. I have never unpacked and repacked quite so quickly. While we were en medias relocating, the forklift driver found us and asked: "What are you people? Rock collectors?"

"Nope. Book collectors."

When manager-guy Rich came out to tell us everyone was going home, we were just about done. When we finished up and collapsed in the car, my clock said 11:02 pm.

The three of us (hntrpyanfar, doompuppy, and I) had moved over 10,000 pounds of books, comics, RPGs, and other assorted stuff in just about 70 minutes.

Today, of course, my body demands to know just what the hell I was thinking. In lieu of reply, I feed it ibuprofen.